a gift for all super sheroes....your journey Begins with love!


Poems Of A Love Dialogue

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    "Buckle up for this roller coaster ride of self love. It encompasses strength and opens your heart and mind. It's a ride you will want to experience over and over again. Four letters don't seem to be enough." - Lashelle D.

    Lashelle D.

    Jersey Girl

    What you get:

    Self-realized expressions with heartfelt throbs of a colorful love expression awaits you in the pages of SheShelle Poems of a Love Dialogue.

    What is it all about?

    The journey of love begins with self-love and acceptance. SheShelle Poems of A love Dialogue is written to reflect the beauty in all women. Author Yvonne Rene' brings breathtaking uniqueness through her quotes, prose, and soulful poetry. Edgy with an unapologetic strength with every word, her dialogue and poetry is a powerful read. It reminds all women of the desire, passion, and true love they seek comes from their journeys.